Friday, 23 May 2014

Pub Sector Receives Major Help from UK Government

If you trade in the beleaguered UK pub industry, there is good news this week, as the government has announced new code of practise designed to help aid growth in this key sector. What could this mean for your long term prospects if you hope to one day sell your pub?

At RTA Business we specialise in giving you the help you need when you decide it’s time to sell your business, so that you can make the most money possible from the result of that sale. We understand the difficulty this sector has had in recent times and welcome this news.

The Changing British Pub Landscape
The pub industry was once one that sat at the heart of British commerce. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, there would have been no problem selling your pub, because they were the centre of British life, regularly drawing in custom. Therefore, they were highly lucrative and valuable to potential buyers.

However the world, and the pub industry, has changed. The gradual encroachment of bars on pubs’ core client base, as well has the ramifications of the smoking ban, has driven customers away, forcing pubs up and down the country to close and making them that much harder to sell.

A Statutory Code to Control Costs
This is why the government has made the announcement of new rules that are aimed to help struggling pub tenants cover the cost of beer payments or rent. Specifically, this statutory code includes  the right to request a rent review after a five year period,  which followed after a raft of sustained complaints about the infamous “beer tie.”

Business Secretary Vince Cable spoke was reported by the BBC speaking on the issue. Cable said: "Far too many landlords feel their income is squeezed by big pub companies. So today we are taking action to make sure they get a fairer deal." 

RTA Business on the Potential for the Pub Industry
Although this change primarily concerns those who rent, it does have a provision that says that tenants of companies with over 500 pubs, will now have the right to request "parallel free-of-tie rent assessment," to show whether they would be in a better position going independent. This could theoretically open up a pathway to pub ownership, which could generate massive revenue when you eventually sell.

At RTA Business we also recognise that these changes will have wider effects for pub owners, as it will put them in a stronger position with potential buyers when it’s time to sell.


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