Friday, 4 April 2014

Small Business Lending Scheme: Just What Your Business Needs?

Growing a business with the intention to eventually sell it off is a complex process and one of the most difficult parts of that process is raising the capital to get it off the ground. That may no longer be a concern if a new small business lending scheme comes to fruition.

This week officials representing the UK government have announced the creation of a new scheme that will offer to share the financial cost of losses on some small businesses loans. This scheme will take place through a concerted effort to convince banks to lend more to these borrowers.

This scheme has been designed to facilitate the growth of the small business sector – a pivotal part of UK industry – which would in turn boost economic growth, which would benefit everybody. It’s the brainchild of the British Business Bank.

The British Business Bank was launched last year by the Conservative led coalition government and since its creation it has focused efforts on improving lending rates to small and medium sized businesses, a sector of the market that has found it difficult to generally secure lines of credit in the wake of the economic crash. This is seen as the latest attempt to do so.

Marketed as a pilot “wholesale guarantee” scheme, the plan would offer a government backed assurance to lenders that would act to cover the burden of a degree of net credit losses they build up on their SME portfolio.

The government’s goal here is to lessen the amount of capital lenders have to hold against their SME loans, so they can provide loans to small and medium sized businesses in a way that will cost them less. Naturally this has been put in place so that banks are more willing to lend to those businesses, which will give said businesses funds to use to expand, which will in turn inspire economic growth.

Reinald de Monchy, managing director for wholesale solutions at the Business Bank said of the scheme that: “Our aim is to incentivise new SME lending by making it a more capital efficient activity for regulated banks, thereby enhancing its commercial attractiveness.” 

The potential benefits for business sales ere are obvious. It will be easier to secure a loan for a small business with this policy, which will make it easier to grow. This in turn will make your business look more attractive to potential buyers when the time is right to sell. At RTA Business we believe this will have positive effects for those who eventually want to sell their businesses. 


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