Friday, 28 March 2014

SSE Energy Prices Freeze Until 2016

Major energy firm SSE announced this week that it’s freezing energy prices until 2016. A big move by any measure of the imagination, it’s a move that could benefit businesses up and down the country that have their energy supplied by SSE.

Last year as a result of Labour leader Ed Miliband swearing to impose a 20 month energy price freeze should his party sweep next year’s election, the big six energy companies came under fire for just how high they were raising prices.

The amount of press it got last year was astounding, and future estimates showed that it somewhat hurt profit margins as customers abandoned the big suppliers in droves heading to smaller rivals for their energy needs.
It looks like SSE has now addressed this concern as they have come out saying this week that they have decided to freeze energy prices until 2016. It’s a move that been hailed by the company and customers alike.
Representatives of SSE said that the move, even though it would lower profit margins in the short term, would streamline its service to cover the shortfall, another move that is likely to benefit customers in the long term.

Streamlining plans are already under way and the energy company announced that among those plans will by the axing of 500 jobs across the board and the development of at least three offshore wind farm projects to promote greener energy. The company predicts that these plans will save them at least £100 million, which they can then pass on to customers.

Despite criticism from industry rivals, SSE chief executive Alistair Phillips-Davies hit back, saying that "delivering the lowest possible energy prices" to customers was "central to everything we do". He further claimed that "we're looking to do whatever we can to bring down prices for consumers."

He also called the government to remove energy taxes out of bills and collect them through general taxation instead. This is most likely a reference to ECO Funding, a green energy initiative that the government funds through the taxation of the major energy companies.

This is bound to have an effect on any business that gets their energy from SSE, lowering bills significantly considering the amount of energy used on a daily basis. It’s also likely that it will further boost the recovery UK economy, which will have benefits for businesses across the board.

This money can then be fed into ensuring the company is primed and ready to sell when the time is right. At RTA Business Consultants, we believe that this could help you sell your business.


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