Friday, 7 February 2014

How Can You Use Language to Sell Your Business?

A key part of any strategy used to sell a business is the language said a strategy employs; after all the language tells people what your business is all about. How can you use language to sell your business?

The word’s you use to sell your business can make or break the sale. The right word or turn of phrase in the right place can hook a buyer in. Consequently the wrong word or turn of phrase in the wrong place can convince your buyer that your business is not one they want to purchase.

So what are the language rules you need to follow when crafting a sales pitch to advertise your business to potential buyers? Firstly, be positive; use positive words that highlight your business’ strength and potential for growth. Nobody wants to purchase a business that can’t even get enthused about its own benefits.

Secondly, don’t grandstand. It can seem tempting to write masses on masses to point out every benefit your business can bring. It’s over compensation. Stick to the facts and the arguments, keep paragraphs short, sweet and to the point. 

Also use your language to promote your unique selling point. Your unique selling point is the reason why a buyer will turn to your business over your competitors. Devote the language you use to emphasising said selling point and divert language away from the trivial details that detract from this lynchpin of your sales pitch.

It’s also important to make sure that the structure of the language you use flows. An argument is effective because the paragraph builds on the point that was made in the paragraph before. Persuasive language works because it’s acts in tandem; don’t suddenly go off topic, it’ll confuse the reader.

Finally, get the specifics right. Whilst persuasive language accentuates a sales pitch, it’s the facts and industry specific language that really sell your business. If you make a mistake in this pivotal area, it casts doubt on your expert knowledge of your particular field. This reflects badly on your business; after all if you get things wrong about the industry in question then logically the business you run will as well.

At RTA Business we understand that crafting a sales pitch to sell your business is a balancing act. This is why it matters what words you use and how you use them; it really can make all the difference.